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  1. Cadogan Tate Explorer Award

    The Cadogan Tate sponsors with award winner James Borrell.

  2. 2015 SES Explorer Awards (23)

    The Scientific Exploration Society trustees and honary members.

  3. Rowan Bentall Charitable Trust

    Award sponsors Edward and Wendy Bentall, and Nigel Winser.

  4. 2015 SES Explorer Awards (13)

    Rosie Stancer, Neville Shulman, Sir Ranulph Fiennes, and Pen Hadow.

  5. 2015 SES Explorer Awards (1)

    Andrew Mitchell, Niall McCann, and Sir Ranulph Fiennes.

  6. Carnival Procession - Morris Dancers

    Carnival Procession - Morris Dancers

  7. Carnival Procession

    Carnival Procession

  8. Carnival Procession

    Carnival Procession

  9. The Carnival Queen

    The Carnival Queen

  10. SES Explorer Awards

    Some of the explorers, sponsors, and winners.

  11. Award Winners

    The SES Explorer Award winners 2014, and explorers.

  12. Zenith Award

    The Zenith award given by JBS to EC.